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Projects and Sculptures in Public Areas

1988-Sculpture at the Nevatim Airfields, Negev
1990-Sculpture at the Yad Vashem Museum, Jerusalem.
1994-Sculpture for Bezeq Company
"The Israel telecomm. Corp".
at the Ben Shemen forest,Jerusalem area.

1994-The Dead Sea Area, Environmental,
Ecology and Art Project.

1995-Sculpture at the Nitzana, Negev
"Educativy settlement village"

1995 - Sculpture at Dachau City, Germany.
1995-"Solo" Sculpture at the Dachau 95",
The International Art Exhibition, Dachau, Germany
1995- Sculpture at the President Forest.
Bet Shemesh, Jerusalem Area.
1996 -Beeri Fields, Environmental Sculpture Project
Negev, Israel
1998-Sculpture Project Art Exhibition,
Rabin Square, Tel-Aviv.

2001 -Sculpture, Environmental Project
at the Hatzerim place, KKL,
Negev Area, Israel.

2003-Stairs to Sky - Sculpture
Erected at he Municipal Council
of Ganei Tikva, Israel

Project Proposals

1995-Sculpture at Munich, Germany
1995-Ecology and Art Project
"English Garden", Munich, Germany.

1996-Sculpture Holocaust project
at Berlin Municipality, Germany

1999-2000-Sculpture Project at the Terra Moretti,
Brescia, Italy.


Wing bird - Nevatim airfields

Yad Vashem - Jerusalem

Bezeq-Ben Shemen
memorial sculpture

Paralel Lines, Blue Sky
Beit Shemesh

Roots- Nitzana

Dachau 95 - Dachau, Germany

Solo - Dachau - Germany

In Canaan Land..-Hatzerim

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Dachau 95 - Dachau - Germany


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