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Projects and Performances

1969-71  Artwork series


"Impressions and images" series of drawings

1977- Kinetic Constructivism with static materials.
3 dimensions Sculptural Painting.
Exhibited in the International Art Fair
in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Monte Carlo Museum of Contemporary Art,
as well as in the museums of Modern Art in
San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Was also permanently exhibited in the
Art collection of the International
Monetary Fund,in Washington, U.S.A.

1984-The Holocaust and Survival Garden

Project for commemorating the Holocaust,
Sculpture project for setting up 10 objects in Nature.
Exhibited since 1985 in Israel.
In 1998 was produced in a
special photography printing method
with the assistance of Discount Bank.
Exhibited in 1991 in the Netherlands National
Oorlogs en Verzet museum, Holand,
as well as in the International Exhibition
"Dachau 95" in Bonn and Berlin, Germany.

1986-"Perception" New Environmental
Sculpture idea Exhibited in Israel.

1988-Wing Bird-Sculpture.
From the "Perception" idea, is erected at the
"Air Fields, Nevatim", Israel

1989-"Fields" and "Revival"

Based in the Holocaust Subject,
erected at the "Yad Vashem Memorial
Museum", Jerusalem, Israel.

1991 -This Earth, This Land
Landscapes, drawing series, exhibited in Israel
between the years 91/93.

1993 - "15x Mercury"
Project composite for 15 Sculpture models.
Exhibited in Environment Year performance
in Israel between the years 93/94.

1994 - "Documents" -war pages, drawings.

Exhibited in Maidanek IV International Trienal
art Museum Maidanek, Poland.

Before...The Salt honor, The Stone Honor
Environmental quality project,
Ecology and Art in the Dead Sea 94
Performance by the support of the Ecology
national government in the Dead Sea, Israel.

Charge and Support by the Israeli
Telecomm. Corp.
erected at the Ben Shemen forest,
Jerusalem area, Israel.

New Development Sculpture Projects.
Exhibited in the national "Art Focus"
Israeli Contemporary Art, in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

1995 -1) "Dachau 95"-Sculpture
Holocaust and war Project
erected with the patronage and support of
Dachau municipality, at Kennedy Park,
at the gate of the concentration camp,
Dachau, Germany.
2) "Solo"-Sculpture
Created and exhibited in the Dachau 95 event.
International Art Exhibition, Dachau, Germany.

Erected at the Nitzana Educational
Settlement Village, Nitzana, Negev Area, Israel.

"Paralel lines Blue Sky-Sculpture"
Erected at the President forest, KKL(JNF)Forest.
Bet Shemesh, Jerusalem area.

Participated in the International Competition,
Berlin "Holocaust" Project, Berlin, Germany.

1996 -Sculpture projects drawings
Exhibited in the 4th International Sculptural
Drawing Bienal in Budapest, Hungary.

-"Until the morning light..."Environmental
Sculpture project, kibbutz Beeri,
Negev Area, Israel.

1998 -For ever, Circuit x 3-Sculpture project
Art exhibition, Rabin Square, Tel-Aviv.
Performed by the support of
"Mecorot", the National water corp.

2000-"Holocaust"-(11 verse)
Exhibited in Maidanek VI International
Triennal art, Museum Maidanek, Poland.

2000"The Altar(misbeaj) sky" (1)
Art stand exhibition project

2001-"In Canaan Land, a clear day"-Sculpture
Environmental Project
Erected at the Hatzerim place, KKL,
Negev area, Israel.


2003-Sculpture Drawings series.

20 Sculpture stand projects series in nature

2003-"The altar (misbeaj) land" (2)
Art stand exhibition project

2003-Stairs to Sky-Sculpture
Erected at the Municipality of Ganei Tikva, Israel

-"To follow new day"
Proposal sculpture to the Negev Area

2004-"Start line"
Drawings series

2004-"Desert Land" No 1
Enviromental sculpture desert
project to be
erected in the Negev area

2005-"Desert Land No 2"
Enviromental sculpture desert
project to be erected
at the Negev area.

2005-"Desert Land No 3"
Enviromental sculpture project
to be erected at the Negev area.

2005-6-"The stone tale"
Three dimentional drawing series based in a stone

2008-Deisys puppets

Deisys puppets page

2011-Material project
Peanuts land(exhibition project)
2010-11-Shangrila (wood pieces)
Click here to see the collages

2011- "Rice and Peanuts"

Ecologic art projects

1983-"The white cupolas of Rose Melo"

1995"The English garden"
Stand project based in the English Garden of
Munich, Germany.

1999-"Color pigments"
Stand project for the Melbourne
Biennale exhibition, Australia

2001"Refects"-Stand project

2001"Good morning, Stonenhenge"
Stand environmental project based in
Stonenhenge, England.



Kinetic Constructivism

Prisma ->>click here

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The Holocaust and Survival Garden

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Revival and a piece of Revival

Before...The Salt honor, The Stone Honor

Until the morning light

Rabin Square

Tlamim - 2002

Carusel - 2002

Desert Land - 2005

To follow a new day - 2004

Other projects and programs since 1972

Like drawings series

1979-"Line and rope"
Creation happening

Verses in "Dada" language since 1984
to read and to sing

1989-"Unknown Journey and nothing"
Stand projects
89-"Unknown Diary"
15 drawings and "Dada" style verses

1990-200 sculpture model
Project exhibition
Series of 200 sculpture projects models.

1990-"My country Pelo Melo"
Proposed stand project to Tel Hai exhibition

1991-"This ground, this land"
Drawings series in the landscape theme.


1992-93-"Recycled sculpture"
Sculpture series with recycled material

1996-Souls and silence
Stand project proposition based
in the Holocaust to Documenta, Kasel, Germany.

1997-"China Tale's"
Stand project and collages.

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