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The Holocaust and Survival Garden

Memory and continuity

Origin of the project in 1984. It has been exhibited in Israel and abroad since 1985.
The idea of immortalising the Holocaust from the artistic point of view was on my mind for a long time and I took it upon myself to bring it into reality.
In the realisation of this project is the message to which I aspire: "This part of our history will never be forgotten."

Abraham Borenstein

* The exhibition appears in One man show

The Holocaust and Survival Garden project, on expression of life and reality today.
The main idea is to erect the monument in a natural sourrounding in Israel.
The memorial will consist of ten statues each one bearing the name of a concentration camp.
The essential message of the statues is expressed in the straight lines which gives an impression of modesty and harmony. The memorial statues are made of stones and pipes.
The stones remind us of death. The pipes suggest pressure, enclosure and stress, characteristics of the concentration camp. The visitor is invited to remember and contemplate the Holocaust and Rebirth of the Jewish people among the flowers, plants and trees of Eretz Israel, a symbol of our continuing existence.

The artist is interested in recieve performance proposals. Please, contact the artist's address

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